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Welcome to the contest page!

Explore a variety of prizes, from headphones to TVs, and even gift cards from your favorite stores, and much more.

Here's how to get involved:

Choose a Contest:

Check out our selection of contests on the homepage or under "All our contests," then pick the one you want to try your luck at. You can enter a contest every 60 minutes. To enter the draw and stand a chance to win, just provide the correct answers to the two Mutant Rabbit questions.

Who Can Enter?

Participation is free and open to anyone aged 18 or over residing in Quebec or Canada.



  • New Participants:

If it's your first time, create your profile in minutes by clicking the link or the "Create Profile" button on the contest page. You'll need to fill in your name, email, and set up a password. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Gmail address.

  • Existing Participants:

Simply log in at the bottom of the contest page with your email and password, then click "Sign In".



Choose your contest and click "Participate".

Hit "Participate" at the bottom of the page, just below the contest description.

Find the Mutant Rabbit's Question:

To qualify, answer the Mutant Rabbit's question correctly.

A clue is hidden on a randomly chosen page. Find and scratch the Mutant Rabbit image on our partner's page to reveal it.

Click on the Mutant Rabbit image or the link "Click here to find the mutant rabbit to scratch".


Discover the Clue:

On the next page, search for the Mutant Rabbit image with the text "To answer correctly, just scratch me".

Scratch the image on your mobile device or tablet, or click and hold the left mouse button on your computer to uncover the clue.

Take note of the clue.


Submit Your Answer:

Return to the contest page by clicking "Return to the contest page".

Choose the correct answer to the Mutant Rabbit's question from the drop-down menu "Select an answer", using the clue.

Click "Submit my answer".



At the end of the contest, we'll hold a draw.

If you've got the right answers and you're drawn, the prize is yours.


Enter the Progressive Prize Contest:

Every entry gives you a chance to win. With each participation, you receive coupons and a winning number. Match all 7 digits on your coupon with the winning number to hit the jackpot.

Other rewards are up for grabs if the last 2 or 6 numbers on your coupon match those of the winning number.

To join the progressive contest, click "play" on the homepage and then "Participate now".


Receiving Your Prize:

Our team will reach out via email to collect your details and ship the prize to your address at no cost.


Wishing you the best of luck!